Forrestal Consultants International traces its history back to 1966 (most senior staff are former TECHNOMIC executives).  We help our customers by focusing on:

  • business and competitive analysis
  • assessing competitive positions
  • strategic analysis
  • acquisitions
  • market entry and planning studies and
  • industry and supplier profiles.

We help clients build strategic knowledge.  The firm has two alliance partners: PTA, which specializes in small company acquisitions and Giract, which supplements Forrestal’s practice in foods and food ingredients internationally.

For many of the assignments that we undertake, there is little or no data is available in the public domain, or the companies are privately held.  The common thread in all of our work is an emphasis on the marketplace.  We access facts and opinions from customers, intermediaries, competitors and other knowledgeable parties via a field research methodology.

Our domestic and international experience is invaluable, whether you are

  • appraising market opportunities
  • benchmarking competitors
  • screening potential partners or acquisition targets or
  • developing strategies.

Forrestal’s core competencies are the ability to obtain hard-to-get market and business intelligence, analyze its implications, and then develop implementation strategies to help our customer grow, profit and compete.  We provide definitive recommendations.

  • We work regularly in the ingredient and additive field.  We have a wide range of relevant top-level contacts –in both the supply and the end-use sectors — as well as an outstanding database.
  • Our staff are members of key organizations: Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Professionals [SCIP], Societe de Chimie Industrielle, Institute of Management Consultants and IFT among others.