Forrestal Consultants assists clients in building new businesses through organic development and/or acquisition and joint venturing. Our approach is client-collaborative so that a platform for successful implementation is achieved. It is a well-defined, multi-step process complemented by an external market-driven analysis with competitive evaluations.


We believe that sustainable corporate performance is based on a continuing review and adjustment of product portfolios, markets and businesses. Businesses are terminated or sold, and new business opportunities are continually initiated, to maintain corporate vibrancy and investor attractiveness.


The need to bring new products to market requires a concerted effort, which is both time consuming and demanding on manpower and expertise. Organizations are not necessarily staffed to free-up resources from day-to-day business activities; neither do they readily possess the specific knowledge base to efficiently scan and evaluate new business opportunities. Forrestal.s staff experience and expertise can assist in these critical needs and help fill gaps.


Our approach to business development is a well-developed, iterative process: market information is gathered and evaluated, financial analyses are constructed, and finally, this information is considered from the perspective of cultural/business fit. The process begins by affirming client-specific objectives and goals including the parameters by which new opportunities will be measured and prioritized. A programmed, methodical approach is taken so that each business, market or product idea is assessed through a rigorous set of criteria. Hence, each attractive idea is brought forward to launch via the winnowing steps, which include knowledge of the marketplace, forecast and fit to the company objectives and business culture.

  • Investigate each opportunity.
  • Evaluate each, based on pre-determined criteria for success.
  • Cultivate options (analyze financially).
  • Determine corporate “fit”.
  • Finalize options.
  • Develop the business plan.
  • Launch.

As information is developed via our process, new ideas become apparent; they are commonly added to the long-list for consideration.


We are business development experts, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have developed business development strategies, and have used these strategies to bring new products/technologies to market.

We focus on industrial-based business and technology-driven companies.


Ask us for a checklist entitled “Partner and Company Evaluations,” which outlines the critical issues involved in undertaking a thorough program.