Impartial and third-party inputs, developed by specialist consultants using field research techniques [executive-level, probing, in-depth], are used to make critical decisions. Secondary data and Internet information can be grossly misleading since the sources, timeliness and accuracy are often suspect.


We undertake external market analysis. Typical issues include:

Analysis of user environments [demand].

  • Size of market and forecast
  • Segmentation
  • Key end-use applications
  • Product specifications
  • Marketplace characteristics

Distribution channels and customer base.

  • Key participants
  • Business focus
  • Linkages to manufacturers
  • Availability
  • Margins
  • Logistics

Competitive environment [supply].

  • Share position
  • Profile [in detail]
  • Core products
  • Strengths and limitations
  • Focus: markets, customers, geographies

Market dynamics.

  • Key driving forces
  • Requirements
  • Profitability
  • Trends and developments
  • Nature of barrier
  • Factors for success
  • Opportunities

We help companies to test the new product concept in the marketplace, even at the early stages, when there is no sample available. We assess acceptance for the products or services and identify needed modifications/improvements, when necessary.


Our approach is in-country analysis utilizing the firm’s core competencies:

  • Functional skills: business-to-business market research, competitive intelligence techniques, acquisition searches and evaluations, business development, and corporate development.
  • Knowledge: understanding of diverse industries, products, technologies and markets.


We focus on industrial-based business and technology-driven companies.

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