Forrestal Consultants’ alliance partner [P.T.A., Inc.] provides full-business and financial transaction advice and service. The focus is to assist owners of mid-sized companies ($5 million to $100 million) in maximizing the value of their companies. Also, we work for buyers seeking to purchase companies.

  • Conduct a business assessment.
    • Review and recast financials
    • Identify key selling points
    • Correct negatives
    • Develop positioning strategies
    • Provide guidance on likely transaction structures
  • Undertake a fair market valuation.
    • Compare similar companies
    • Assess recent prices paid
    • Estimate values (DCF, Other techniques)
    • Reach client agreement on valuation
  • Prepare a company profile and offering prospectus.
  • Search and screen for buyer or alliances
  • Screen potential investors
  • Develop a list of the best-qualified buyers
  • Solicit committed bids
  • Negotiate, coordinate and close

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