For many organizations, acquisitions or other forms of business alliances are the preferred routes to entering new markets or businesses or to expanding existing operations.


We identify, screen and profile candidates and assess their attractiveness, and we offer:

  • Broad range of prospects, contacts and industry knowledge.
  • Timely identification of opportunities, including spin-offs and private placements.
  • Quick response on competitive bids.
  • Full due diligence.

With our alliance partner, we provide complete corporate development services:

  • Business divestiture.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Buyer services.
  • Business analysis.
  • Fair market valuations
  • Financial risk assessments.
  • Company consolidation services.
  • Leveraged buyouts.


Our approach can take one of two avenues: [1] define the selection criteria, screen and implement, or [2] conduct research on a specific company. In the first avenue, we collaborate with our clients to define criteria for identifying candidates, assessing their attractiveness, markets or technologies—to ensure a fit.

In the second avenue, we conduct in-depth research, including a company’s business strategies, organizational structure, products and services, manufacturing and marketing capabilities, sales performance, competitive position, market image, management and other human resources, financial position and resources, and likely availability.

We provide a fair market valuation of the company for buyers and sellers.

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