In today’s intensely competitive and increasingly global markets, one way to gain competitive advantage is to have a thorough understanding of the marketplace. This requires having accurate, timely competitive and business intelligence and applying it properly.


We complement your knowledge of competitors by developing understanding and insights on specific aspects of a competitor’s business—understanding and insights that are often difficult to obtain. Our views are often quoted in articles.

We provide a broad range of services:

  • In-depth analysis of competitors.
  • In-depth analysis of suppliers (purchasing research).
  • Market image and customer satisfaction.
  • In-depth technology assessments.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Continuous monitoring of competitors in emerging overseas markets.
  • Implementing and establishing an in-company intelligence process.


We research in-depth and provide qualitative and quantitative assessments of competitors’ businesses and operations, including tactics, financials, organization, sales and manufacturing capabilities, R&D, image, etc. We assess the competitors and identify future proactive and defensive actions. Our approach is aggressive, and field-oriented, based upon primary information gathered from the marketplace (suppliers, competitors, investors distributors, customers, former employees and other knowledgeable individuals). Internet searches, secondary information and published databases play a minor role in our work.

We help design and implement internal departments responsible for doing competitive, business and market intelligence process. Our approach follows a rigorous methodology that takes a ground-up approach. To optimize the resources (time and budget), we undertake a program in phases to ensure buy-in by all parties. This collaborative effort and working relationship addresses all objectives and builds a platform for effective implementation of the knowledge management system.


We are experts in the marketplace for privately held companies, divisions and subsidiaries of major corporations, and foreign-based firms operating in local markets.


Ask for our checklists, “Competitor Analysis Programs & Business Intelligence” and “Competitive Intelligence for RD&E,” and for our position paper, “An Effective Competitive and Business Intelligence Process.”

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