Unusual risks and unusual opportunities face companies whose markets, technologies, regulations and customers move quickly. New entrants from other industries and other countries can alter the terms of competition. Capitalizing on change becomes a way of business life.


Forestal Consultants have particular skill in creating new business propositions, finding end uses for products, analyzing targeted markets, defining competitive environment and strategies, solution selling, and establishing domestic and international alliances. We are proactive in what we do:

  • Find markets and end-use applications that match existing and new products.
  • Evaluate to reduce the risk in adaptation of a new technology, process or product.
  • Position client’s offering against industry trends, demand and competition.
  • Recommend plans for increasing revenues, profit and valued-added opportunities.
  • Identify how you can leverage your strengths and capitalize on your competitors’ vulnerabilities.
  • Outline the best way for market entry or business expansion.


Strategic knowledge is key to the success of market planning. We provide hard-to-get market intelligence quickly and accurately. Although “information” may appear to be increasingly easy with on-line access, developing accurate, relevant and timely information is a challenging task. We have the functional research skills, international coverage and understanding of diverse industries to develop the critical data. We do extensive interviewing, undertake comprehensive analysis and provide definitive recommendations.


We focus on industrial-based business and technology-driven companies.

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