• Primary research is the firm’s core competence and strength.
    • Emerging markets: on-site, in-person interviews.
    • Developed geographies: both telephone and personal interviewing techniques Classic Delphi techniques wherein the most knowledgeable individuals are visited in a systematic sequence to obtain their inputs [least critical to most critical]. We re-contact atypical respondents. We challenge initial hypotheses, assumptions and test findings to conclude with highly refined information and observations
  • We provide definitive recommendations derived from the built-up market, competitive and business intelligence [a solid and pragmatic foundation of data]. Our reports are fully documented. The same consultants that conduct the field research do the analysis, write the report and present the findings to client management. A team approach is always used.
  • Our work is client-exclusive, confidential and proprietary. [We do not share, trade, sell or reuse client developed data].
  • FORRESTAL CONSULTANTS obtain competitive intelligence using the highest ethics.