Entering new markets, expanding and diversifying are a business norm at major companies. Commitment of resources equates to a sound business case for action. Management buy-ins and approvals—whether at Board-level or by divisional management or operations management—must be based upon crucial business intelligence.


We help clients build the strategic knowledge for the business case. Our consulting assignments are customized to meet the client’s information goals and objectives. The study findings and insights we provide, and the conclusions and recommendations we make, are client-proprietary and client-confidential.

We assist companies in the formulation of market entry and diversification plans by:

  • Developing economic information on a country-by-country basis.
  • Assessing the market demand, segmentation and future outlook.
  • Analyzing future technological and commercial threats.
  • Evaluating the supply structure and competitive environment.
  • Identifying opportunities and gaps.
  • Determining the barriers to be overcome.
  • Evaluating the prospects for a new supplier.
  • Estimating business potential and timing to meet goals.
  • Identifying the resource commitment.
  • Recommending the best way in (go-it-alone, affiliation, acquisition).


Our approach is in-country analysis utilizing the firm’s core competencies.

  • Functional skills: business-to-business market research, competitive intelligence techniques, acquisition searches and evaluations, and corporate development.
  • Knowledge: understanding of diverse industries, products, technologies and markets.


We focus on industrial-based business and technology-driven companies.


Ask us for a checklist entitled “Partner and Company Evaluations,” which outlines the critical issues involved in undertaking a thorough program.

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