Research is important for product innovation, and for maintaining leadership positions. However, there are innovations, patents and proprietary know-how that may no long fit the corporate plan and future strategic directions. Therefore, licensing of technology is an option for management. Third-party inputs, developed by specialist consultants using field research techniques are used to develop strategic knowledge for decisions.


We help companies to value licensable technologies, even at the early stages, when there is no sample available. We assess acceptance as perceived by a company itself, by the trade, by the competitive community and by potential licensors or alliance partners.

  • Conduct a business and a marketplace assessment*
  • Undertake a fair market valuation*
  • Search and screen for buyer or alliances (optional)
  • Undertake patent analysis, to assist in valuation (optional)

*Typical issues include:

  • Market size and forecast
    • Marketplace characteristics
    • Size of market and outlook (value)
    • Key driving forces
    • Trends and developments
    • Key end-use applications
    • Competitive environment
    • Technologies displaced
    • Technological competition and fit
    • Undertake a fair market valuation
    • Compare similar transactions
    • Assess recent prices paid
    • Valuation methodology (rule-of-thumb, DCF, other models)


Strategic knowledge is key to the success in determining the value of a technology, products or know-how to be sold or licensed. We provide hard-to-get business and market intelligence quickly and accurately. Although "information" may appear to be increasingly easy with on-line access, developing accurate, relevant and timely information is a challenging task. We have the functional research skills, international coverage and understanding of diverse industries to develop the critical data. We do extensive interviewing, undertake analysis and provide definitive recommendations. In addition, we can identify potential licensees or alliance partners.

Forrestal Consultants’ tailors its consulting assignments to our client.s specific requirements, which begins on-site meetings:

  • Step I: The Kickoff Meeting
    • Discuss objectives and client.s technology
    • Confirm Forrestal.s role
  • Step II: Implementation (per scope and objectives)
  • Step III: Conclusions and recommendations


e are experts in the assessment of privately held companies, divisions and subsidiaries of major corporations, and foreign-based firms operating in local markets.